Iowa in May

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Elise and the girls were in Iowa over Memorial Day Weekend. Elise’s cousin Kelly was celebrating her wedding that took place last fall. It rained A LOT the week they were there and Elise was cold! Yes, I think the desert will be fine. While it wasn’t raining they did have some fun. Elise’s parents still have a swing set and both girls couldn’t get enough. Playing outside at Grandma and Grandpa’s also means Robyn can pet cats who don’t know any better. She loved that. All of Elise’s cousins were in town during the week and she got to see all of them. (All six girls live in different states.) Of course they celebrated with Kelly at her reception. It was an afternoon of family, yummy food, and BINGO. They met another cousin and his family at the Blank Park Zoo. It was a great afternoon.

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