Reagan’s New Car

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So, early in the Fall we were running out of ideas for getting Reagan to try (harder) at keeping her pull-ups dry overnight.  No matter what we tried, every morning her pull-up was a softball sized bundle full of urine.  Finally, on a whim, we asked her if she would like her own car – one that was her size.  She was very interested, so we told her that she could have one if she went 10 nights in a row with a dry pull-up.  It took a while before she had her first successful night keeping them dry.  Later in the fall, she had a few multi-night runs but they always ended with an accident.  Finally, over Christmas break she made her 10 night streak.  Since then, she has only had two accidents – and quite small ones.

She picked out a green dune racer – over a multitude of pink options including a Barbie jeep, a Barbie Mustang, and a 4 wheeler.  She enjoys it quite a bit.  For the time being, all of the lots next to our house are vacant, so she has quite a bit of room to ride around.