Reagan’s New Bike

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Reagan has graduated from her tricycle to a more appropriately sized bicycle – Thank you Grandma Lisa!  Here are a few snaps of her riding her new toy.  It was a cool, windy day, but she had fun anyhow.

She still needs a little practice to get the pedaling thing down.  She had just figured out the tricycle which was a direct drive – the pedals were directly connected to the wheel so pedaling forward moved you forward and pedaling backward moved you backward.  She doesn’t understand that pedaling backward on the bike applies the brake.  She was also having some problems with her feet repeatedly slipping off the pedals.  Grandma Beth should appreciate Elise’s repeated instructions (and constant reminders) of “Toes up, heels down!”  Reagan gets frustrated easily, but she was starting to get it when we wrapped up.

Shopping for bikes was kind of like reading about Goldilocks and the three bears.  Well, sort of.  There were bikes that were too small, and there were bikes that were too big – but there were no bikes that were just right.  So we ended up with a bike that was on the larger side – something that she can grow into instead of something she’s already outgrown.  The bike is blue (surprise, surprise), with pink splatters and has labeling that says “Wild Child.”  She picked this bike out over a Cars-themed Lightning McQueen bike, which was quite a big surprise to us.

Now we just need to find a place to store it…