Do I Look Like I’m Three?

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Reagan is growing up so fast.  In many pictures she looks so much older than she is.  This photo was taken today just before we left for church.  She looks like a little person.  It’s hard to believe she was ever the size that Robyn is now.

So the teaser pic above would lead you to believe the gallery link takes you to another Reagan gallery.  Sorry to disappoint, but this is primarily a Robyn gallery.  There are a few pictures of Robyn sleeping – in a strange and twisted position.  There are a few pictures of Robyn trying out her smile muscles.  Then there are two pictures of Reagan – one showing off one of her Christmas dresses and the larger version of the photo above.  Finally, there are a couple of pictures of Robyn in a snowsuit.  It makes her look much bigger than she is – she fills less than a third of the volume – but is very cute nonetheless.

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