Cake and Presents

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Reagan really did blow out her own birthday candles this year!  She thought the candles were pretty cool, but did not enjoy the cupcakes.  That’s okay though, Mom and Dad enjoyed them.  We experienced a power outage shortly after she blew out the last of the candles so the birthday celebration was short lived.  Reagan had a mighty blow I guess.  We lit another candle to light the living room and she tried to blow that one out as well.  We were hoping to get pictures of her with cake covering her face, but after the frosting touched her fingers she lost interest.  It was no longer fun, but icky.

If you’ve watched the earlier videos you saw Reagan had a good time opening presents and playing with the new toys too.  In this gallery there are also pictures of her playing with the new toys.  “Barney” is now a part of her expanding vocabulary.  Mr. Potato Head is only allowed to wear his top hat, not the bowler hat.  The soccer ball mostly gets carried around, you know it might get dirty otherwise.  And the keyboard has a lot of fun buttons (some of them even play music).

Finally, while trying to get pictures of Reagan with her soccer ball she discovered a leaf that was very interesting.  When I gave up on getting pictures of the ball I got some cute Fall pictures with our pumpkins…and the leaf.  We hope you enjoy!