19 Months!

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Reagan’s 19 month portraits are finally here!  We took them last weekend and finally got around to uploading them.

She is getting to be such a big girl.  She now jabbers….  A LOT.  She understands complex instructions, and understands how a lot of things work.  For instance, if Elise tells me to turn off the TV, Reagan will run to where the remotes are sitting and start pushing buttons.  If she finds a scrap of paper on the floor or hanging over the edge of the desk or, well, anywhere, she will take it to the recycling bag.  She takes her socks off and will run them to the hamper in her room.  When it is supper time she will usually find her bib and recently has been trying to drag her high chair into position next to the dinner table.  She will now ‘tinkle’ whenever she sits on the potty.  She runs to grab her shoes when we say we are going out.  If we take too long to get to the entryway, she will bring us our shoes.  She knows where to find the crayons and runs to them whenever someone even whispers the world ‘color’.  She tries to open the windows if you say “let’s open the windows.”

She still only utters single words, but now knows quite a few.  She knows what a cow says, a monkey says, and even what a fish says.  (she has known what kitties and puppies say for a while)

She no longer takes two long naps during the day, so she keeps Elise really busy while I am away at work.

She says hello and bye bye to everybody, and waves.  People get a kick out of her – especially at church.

She points out babies (any child), balloons (she spots them EVERYWHERE and wants you to know about them), and airplanes.  She really seems to like airplanes.

There’s so much going on with her, so many new things happening, that we dare not blink for fear of missing something.

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