Month by Month

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Wow.  Who is that little alien thing?  Certainly not our daughter…  In the gallery linked above, we have one portrait from every month spanning this past year.  It’s really amazing to see the accumulated changes as she grew.  She went from a shriveled, bald old-man looking thing (see photo above) to a little monkey-like thing with a big round head (see months 4-5).  (I say this in the most loving, parental way possible)  Now, every month, she looks more and more like a little person.    Feel free to leave a comment on this post, sharing your thoughts and observations.

Twelve Month Portraits

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Hard as it is to believe, Reagan is now one year old.  It’s amazing how much things can change in one year.  A year ago today, we had just finished our first night home from the hospital and were wondering if we were ever going to sleep again.  Eleven months ago, we were starting to venture outdoors again but each outing was a major event requiring a lot of planning and forethought.  By Christmas, we could throw the diaper bag together along with a few bottles and head out with ease.  We even took a road trip to Minnesota for a week.  By the end of January Reagan had a consistent and regular schedule.  Also by this  time, Elise and I had figured out our own regular schedule and were managing our sleep and jobs well.  Reagan’s personality really started to poke out around this time, and what a happy go-lucky little girl she was.  By five months she was sleeping through the night.  That’s about when the drooling started in earnest, leading us to believe she would teethe early.  That was not to be, but by six months she had the strong desire to stand up but was not quite able to do so on her own.  Elise and I helped her walk, holding both of her hands.  The first tooth popped through around nine months and the crawling started about 10 months.  About a month later she started walking (and wanted to explore and get into EVERYTHING).

The time has gone by so fast, with no signs of slowing down any time soon.  We are looking forward to the new adventures this second year is sure to bring us.

A Birthday Present

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Well, as usual we are running behind schedule.  Above is a link to a gallery containing photos of Reagan opening her last Birthday present.  She was not in the mood to have her formal portraits taken, so we need to make a second attempt at capturing those.  So more will be posted soon – hang tight!

Get Away From MY Birthday Cake!!!

Reagan had a fun time destoying her Birthday cake.  Check the gallery linked below for more pictures of her dirty work.  That’s all that’s new for now.  Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come in the near future.  We will be posting pictures of Reagan with her other presents (which she’ll open tomorrow), a gallery of her 12 month (1 year!) portraits, and a special gallery showing her growth month by month.

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An Early Birthday Present

Grandpa Mike and Grandma Beth arrived today in preparation for Reagan’s first birthday party.  They insisted she open one of their birthday presents right away.  I think she likes it.

More presents have arrived, but we are trying hard to wait for her Birthday (Monday) before we let her open them.  Otherwise all the fun will be over :)

Anyhow, here are a few photos of her playing with the new toy.

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Now Accepting Donations…

Click the photo above for a larger version.  Our current plans are to fly home for Christmas.  We are still sorting out the details but should have more definite plans soon.  Branden gets the entire week between Christmas Eve and New Years off from work.  We will probably try to avoid the worst travel days (23-25 Dec and 3 Jan).  It looks like it is much cheaper (by over half the cost) to fly into and out of Minneapolis than Des Moines.  So we will need to figure out how to divy up the time between Minnesota and Iowa and who will be driving us the various legs of the trip (we would like to avoid renting a car, if possible).  If anyone has any suggestions, let us know :)

In other news, we just had a wonderful weekend hosting our first guests here in Virginia.  Our friends Joe and Anna flew out from Minnesota on Thursday and headed home today (Sunday).  This was the first time either of them had been to D.C.  We hiked around the Mall, seeing the Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial.  The second day we toured the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum.    We were unable to get to the White House due to heightened security during the Homosexual Rights Rally/March.  We also missed the National Archives (home of the Declaration of Independence, among other things), and the Capital Building.  So they have plenty of reason to come and visit again.  We did, however, see Obama himself (or at least his motorcade) leaving the White House one evening.

Unfortunately we did not take too many photos this weekend.  Below is a link to a gallery of a few snaps taken this weekend.  We need to get ready for Reagan’s big 01 Birthday party this coming weekend.  Elise’s parents Mike and Beth should arrive here some time on Thursday and will likely stay through Monday or Tuesday.  Planned adventures for this weekend include a trip to the top of the Washington Monument and to the National Zoo and eating lots of yummy Birthday cake.

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