Yarrrr Matey! (9 Month Portraits)

Well believe it or not, Reagan has now hit that 9 month mark.  She is growing so fast!  She now has TWO teeth poking out.  I can assure you that they are quite sharp.  At her last doctor’s visit we found what we already knew, that she had stretched out considerably.  She is no longer riding the bottom growth curves;  she is now tall for her age.  We are not yet crawling, but very close.  She likes to spin in circles on the floor, but doesn’t have any real control on where she’s going yet.  We’re hoping that she doesn’t become “mobile” before we move out of this current apartment because it is not really baby-safe (too many sharp edges/corners, things that can fall over, etc.)

Anyhow, here’s the gallery link:

Gallery Link

This photo needs a caption

So now Reagan has both a hat and sunglasses to wear when outside for an extended period of time.  I think the picture above gives you an idea of what she thinks of all this :)  She seems to enjoy the sunglasses (as you’ll see in the gallery linked below), but not when worn with the hat.  Anyhow, her face in this photo is priceless.  Please post a caption to this picture in the comments.

Gallery Link