Six Month Portraits

Reagan is sitting up so well – this gives us so many more optins for our “studio” setup.  It’s hard to believe she is half a year old already.  Last night we tried feeding her applesauce, and she actually seemed to enjoy it.  We’ll see if our luck continues tonight.

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Five Month Pics

Well, after a short hiatus (~one month), the blog is back up and running.  There are a few galleries to be posted.  Here are Reagan’s five month portraits.  At this point she was very close to sitting up on her own, but not quite long enough to get any pictures taken.  So in these she was still propped with some strategically placed pillows.

Also in this photo set is our first attempt at feeding her solid food.  I think the photos speak for themselves – you can clearly see her thoughts on the matter.  Anyhow, the gallery link is here:

Gallery Link