Posing After Church

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Two beautiful days in a row.  Sunny and 80.  What a wonderful way to end a week where Branden got over 30 hours of overtime.  While it has been a long couple of weeks, things should be getting back to normal very soon.  No more strange hours, no more long workdays.

The girls are both growing up way too fast.  Robyn is now five months old and working on sitting up on her own.  She can not get herself up into the sitting position, but she can hold herself there (albeit quite wobbly) once she is upright.  She is grabbing for things within her reach, and showing preference to specific toys – pushing one out of the way to get to another she likes better.  She is much more vocal – squealing, chattering, and grunting.  She studies everybody and everything, sometimes for long periods of time.  She is getting into a regular nap schedule and going to bed at a consistent, reasonable hour (not to mention, sleeping through the night).  Her eyes are still bright blue, and she has a good tuft of blonde (very blonde) fuzz on top of her head.

Reagan is fast becoming a young girl (as opposed to a toddler).  She is a chatterbox – it never stops…  She’s got a lot to say and wants to make sure you are paying attention.  She can almost write her name – she has all the letters down, and knows how to spell her name, but is still working on fitting them on one page and writing them on one line.  When she colors (which she still loves), she is aware of the lines and attempts to stay inside of them.  She is really starting to get the hang of her bike, and enjoys riding it a lot.  She is quite helpful with Robyn – trying to calm Robyn down when she is fussy and happy to fetch her toys (as long as they are Robyn’s toys and not hers).  If only she would put poo-poos in the potty…