Family Photos

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A collection of photos of Reagan and Robyn, and an attempt at some more formal family photos.

There are a handful of photos of Robyn in the bouncy chair with a can of Cherry Coke.  Why would we put a can of soda in the chair with her, you ask?  To compare with some similar photos we took of Reagan which can be seen here.  When we start taking pictures of Robyn, Reagan starts smiling and saying “Cheeeeessse” even if she’s across the room.  So, at least in this instance, we asked her to sit down next to Robyn so we could get her picture too.

There is also a picture of Reagan taken while she was watching the movie Toy Story 3.  I took four separate pictures over a span of about a minute.  They all looked exactly the same – Reagan didn’t move, flinch, or change her expression in the slightest.  (I only posted one of them, since they were all so similar).

The remainder of the gallery is a collection of various family photos.

Playing With Grandpa Mike

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Reagan having fun with Grandpa Mike and her newly expanded train collection.

For her birthday, Grandpa Mike and Grandma Beth gave her a few new engines and cars and a track expansion kit for her Thomas the Tank Wooden Railway.  The new engines include Gordon (a large engine with coal car) and a battery-operated James (self propelled!).  She also got the Sodor zoo cars – one car hauls a lion and the other a hippo.  The track expansion pack nearly doubles the total amount of track she has and has various Y and T junctions to build more complicated layouts.  The kit also included an elevated bridge.  She has had a lot of fun playing with Grandpa Mike and the trains.

Robyn’s First Days

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Here is a gallery with all of the best photos from Robyn’s days in the hospital.  The first photos in the gallery are from right after the delivery and the last photos are from right before her and Elise were discharged.

At the time of this posting, Robyn is [already] one week old!  Time goes by fast…

Robyn is pretty easy going.  She likes to sleep.  A lot.  The only times she is really fussy is when she is hungry or when her diaper needs to be changed.  If she is crying, it is generally due to one of these two things.  Hopefully that continues.

She seems to have the nursing thing down.  In this first week we have only needed two small ready-mixed formula bottles, and those were during times she was very worked up and not patient enough to wait for the milk to flow.

Reagan is taking fairly well to the new addition to the household.  She is starting to realize that she is no longer priority #1 (i.e. the center of attention).  She is starting to get a bit more whiney and to push boundaries a little harder, but that started before Robyn was born so it may just be a three-year-old thing.  I think she will be a good helper (eventually).

Mommy and Daddy are doing well too.  Well enough to take a few pictures and get them posted on the web, anyhow :)

More to come…