Cake and Presents

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Check out Reagan’s AWESOME Birthday Cake!  This thing didn’t come from a bakery or grocery store – oh no.  Elise decorated this puppy all by herself, thank you very much.  :) Reagan had fun blowing out her candle (several times, as a matter of fact) and was only slightly concerned when we started slicing him up.

After eating cake, Reagan opened up her presents.  She made a pretty good haul this year.  You may note in the photos that the theme tilted heavily towards Cars (Lightning McQueen and Mater) and Toy Story (Buzz and Woody).

Thank you all for the wonderful presents!  Reagan got some coloring books, jammies, puzzles, stickers, plates with her favorite characters on them, a talking Lightning McQueen, and a Vtech VReader (kind of like a Kindle for toddlers) – check out the last photo in the gallery to see everything she got.  She is very into the VReader. It reads the story to her and has interactive things on the screen that she can touch and explore.  She has three story books for it so far: Toy Story, Cars, and a Sesame Street (with Abby and Elmo).  She got a small backpack/carrying case for it, which she wore around a good chunk of the night.  We were also worried she was going to want to sleep with the talking Lightning McQueen car, but we were lucky enough to avoid that – tonight, anyway.

Baby #2 is due in four weeks…  Holy Crap!  That sure came up quick.  Today we washed a lot of baby clothes, pulled out and assembled the rest of the baby equipment (swing, bouncy chair, etc), finished (well, mostly) packing the hospital bags, and unpacked the new infant car seat.  The basement is almost clean/organized enough for company.  We have made more than a few trips to Goodwill (seriously, where did we ever get so much STUFF?).  The kitties have been pretty affectionate lately.  I think they know something’s up.

In just 1 1/2 weeks, the first company will arrive for BABYWATCH 2011.  Baby needs to hold on until at least then.  After that we have someone here with us until well after the due date.  We couldn’t be happier – our biggest worry/concern was what to do with Reagan while we are in the delivery room.  Elise has two doctor appointments this week, the second of which will hopefully be the last ultrasound.  The ultrasound will measure growth, and be the main indicator if she will have a normal delivery or if the risk factors are present for preeclampsia.  We’ll let you know when we know more.

That’s enough rambling for now, enjoy the pictures!

The Site is Back Up!

Some of you may have noticed a bunch of error messages spanning the screen when coming to our website over the past few weeks.  Our web service provider upgraded their server software which was not compatible with the software we use to run our blog.  We were not able to log in and post pictures until the issue was resolved (by upgrading the software we use to run our blog).

Sooo…  Many of you have been waiting patiently for picture updates which we are now finally able to post.  It took a few weeks, but the pictures will be linked in posts that will follow soon.  Thanks for being patient!

Reagan’s Big Blue Car

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We recently upgraded our CR-V for something a tad larger – a Honda Pilot.  We decided with two car seats and two parents, there would not be any room when we had company or went shopping for larger items.  The pilot has a third row with seating for 8, compared to the CRV’s seating for 5.

When we went car shopping, Reagan all but demanded the new car be blue – just like her CR-V.  The first time Elise took a test drive, the dealer only had a Burgandy model.  Reagan started pleading with mommy to not get in that one.  She even grabbed on to mommy’s leg and tried to pull her away from the car.  The second time we went out car shopping, daddy got to take a test drive.  This time the demo model was silver.  Again, Reagan pleaded and did her best to prevent daddy from getting into a non-blue model.  Our intent the whole time was to get a blue model – it was just funny on how much Reagan was against getting one of any other color.

In the photo gallery, the first few pictures are of our CR-V.  The last couple are of the new Pilot.  Every time we see a blue CR-V she points it out and tells us that it’s “Reagan’s Dirty Blue Car.”  (We have no idea why, the car was never all that dirty…)  She calls the Pilot “Reagan’s Big Blue Car.”  We’re glad she approves.