Happy Easter!

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Spring is certainly flying by.  Can you believe Easter has already come and gone?

As we mentioned in an earlier post, we are now attempting to do formal portraits of Reagan quarterly rather than monthly.  The gallery above is the Spring installment.  (I’d like to point out that it is on time, even)  There is one photo in the middle where she is sporting a grumpy face.  (It was supposed to be the last photo in the gallery but I am too lazy to fix it :)  Anyhow, she really wanted her duck and/or stuffed lamb and refused to continue on until she got her way.

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The Saturday before Easter, our church held a spring festival.  They had an Easter Egg Hunt and a number of games.  Rain was threatening, but it held off.  Reagan had a wonderful time.  She knew what to do with the eggs.  She was perhaps a bit overwhelmed at the thought of competing for eggs (not like the egg hunt she had at home here two weeks ago).  She still managed to fill her bucket with eggs.  She also decorated a bookmark, decorated some sugar cookies, made a bracelet, got a temporary tattoo of a bunny on her hand, and created a pair of bunny ears (seen above).  (she may have also stolen a bunch of Mommy’s popcorn…)  Her favorite activity by far, though, was jumping around in the moon-bounce (a large inflatable bouncy house thing).  We hope you enjoy the photos!

Grandma’s First Time in DC

Grandma Lisa and Great-Grandma Sheryl came to visit the second weekend of April.  They arrived on a Thursday evening and left Tuesday Morning.  That left four full days to play with Reagan.

The original plan was to head into DC on Friday to avoid the tourist crowds due to the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade.  However, it was a dreary, rainy day so we went shopping instead (Thank you, Grandma!).  Reagan got a new summer wardrobe and we also got the supplies needed for a little Easter Egg hunt.

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Saturday we headed into DC.  Reagan was really excited to ride the ‘choo choo’ again.   We got off the train at Arlington Cemetery and walked across the Potomac River (via a bridge, of course) into the city.  The first stop was the Lincoln Memorial.  After a quick pit stop we took the elevator up to the viewing chamber (Reagan was in a stroller).  Unfortunately, the reflecting pool was undergoing restoration and was drained so the view to the East was not as grand as it usually is.

From there we headed on to the Vietnam War Memorial.  After lunch, we went through the Korean War Memorial and continued on through and around the Roosevelt Memorial, along the southwest portion of the Tidal Basin.  Had we been there a week earlier, all the cherry blossom trees would have been in full bloom.  The next stop was the Jefferson Monument.  On the lawn there we walked past an outdoor wedding.  After touring the monument, we continued on towards the Washington Monument.  There we took a break and let our feet rest a bit.  Reagan burned some excess energy running in the grass.  Once we got moving again we walked to the White House, stopping at some gift shops along the way.  By then we had had enough and hopped on the train home.  We were pretty beat so we picked up some take-out Chinese for dinner.

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The next day was a nice, lazy day.  After church Reagan had her first Easter Egg Hunt.  She figured out what to do right away.  She was so focussed on finding eggs that she ignored any baskets or gifts that she found.  The one exception was a toy rake that was hidden in the back yard.  Once she saw that, well, it appeared she thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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Monday we headed to Accotink Park so Reagan could play with her new rake and bucket in the sand.  She also spent some time on the playground running around and going down the “wee” (slide).

Before we knew it, it was time for the grandmas to go home.  We had a lot of fun and look forward to seeing everyone again when we travel home in June.