Christmas Photos

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Christmas break this year started the Tuesday before Christmas with Branden coming home early from work with a cold.  He stayed home from work Wednesday and Thursday, and hardly left the bed.  We didn’t want to risk getting Elise’s parents – who flew in on Wednesday – sick.  By Friday (Christmas Eve) he was starting to feel a little better but was reacting to the antibiotics that were prescribed.  By Christmas he was doing much better.

Reagan had a blast opening presents.  She was very meticulous, handing each scrap of torn wrapping paper to someone – completely unwilling to make a mess.  She got a slew of presents – too many to list here – but especially enjoys her new Mickey Mouse, easel, and puzzles.

Reagan had a great time with Grandparents Mike and Beth.  She had fun tickling Grandpa’s feet and then running away to hide.  She made sure that they watched the Mickey Mouse Club, Thomas and Friends, and Harry Potter (He Pakee!!).  She also commanded Grandpa to sit in Branden’s chair at the dinner table.

Grandma and Grandpa also babysat one evening so we could finally get to the movie theater to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  It definitely feels weird to go somewhere together without Reagan.

Before we knew it, New Years was here.  The next day it was time for the Grandparents to go home.  Branden had to go back to work on Tuesday (Boeing paid holidays spanned from Dec 24 to Jan 4 this year) and we are now back into the regular groove of things.  We are looking forward to visits from friends and Branden’s family this winter and spring, respectively.

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