Trip to the Beach!

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Soooo it’s October here in Virginia (most other places, too, I assume).  But was warm enough this weekend to warrant a trip to the beach.  Reagan had a blast playing in the water.  She loved it when standing at the waters edge and a wave would crash into her.  She also loved filling her bucket with water, hauling it up to what can only be referred to as the excavation site for her sand castle, and dumping it out – causing natural disaster after natural disaster.  After a while she started to notice that there were sea shells buried in the sand near the waters edge and was really interested in digging for them.  She really wore herself out.  She wasn’t back in the car for more than five minutes before she was out cold.  We will definitely have to head back next year.

Playing Outside

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Fall is slowly coming to Northern Virginia.  It is just cool enough to require long sleeves when playing outside in the evenings.

Here are a few photos of Reagan playing with her big ball.  She likes to toss it in the air above her head and then chase after it (after it bounces off her head).  This process repeats for a while…