“22.5 Month” Portraits

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Well, we are catching up on Reagan’s Portraits.  Here are the ones that were due August 19… Only 20 days late!  In less than two weeks we will have to take her 23 month photos.  Thins are finally settling down for us so hopefully those will actually be posted on time.

We had a wonderful weekend with Joe and Anna this past weekend.  As always, the time goes by too fast.  They are the first (of hopefully many) to take advantage of our “guest room,” which is becoming more and more complete each day.  While they were here, we went shopping, fixed a door seal, and traveled into DC to go to the top of the Washington Monument.  We tried to get an up close and personal view of the White House, but Mr. Obama had picked that time to fly in on Marine One and they had the south lawn blocked off from the public.  Maybe next time.

We are starting to go through our collection of photos chronicling the cleanup and renovation of our home.  We hope to post them soon… Really.

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