20 Month Portraits

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Wow – four photo galleries in one day!  Here are Reagan’s 20 month portraits.  We saw the dress two weeks ago at The Children’s Place and Branden made us buy it.

In other news, we are one step closer to being homeowners.  The third of three banks with liens on the property has finally approved the short sale.  The next step is a home inspection which should happen some time this week.  If all is well, we will probably close by July 9 at the very latest!  We are starting to get very excited!

My New Helmet

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Here is a gallery of Reagan showing off her new bike helmet.  A few weeks ago we took our bikes in to get them back in working order.  (They did not take too well to spending a few months outside exposed to the elements.)  We also purchased a child seat so we could all go biking together.  We have gone out around our neighborhood a few times now.  Last weekend we made an excursion to the Mt. Vernon Trail that passes through the park near Reagan National Airport (discussed in a few previous posts).  From the park, we headed North and then across the 395 bridge into DC.  (The bridge ends near the Jefferson Memorial.)  From there we headed along the Potomac and then had lunch near the Lincoln Memorial.  Next we headed back across the Potomac towards Arlington Cemetery and then headed North to the Roosevelt Island Park.  Finally, we turned around and headed back along the Potomac back to the airport park.  Reagan seems to enjoy riding in the bike seat more than riding in the stroller, so we look forward to this continuing to be a good family activity.