Sweet Sixteen

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Ok, not really :)  It’s just that Reagan is now 16 months old.  She is turning into quite the little lady.  She has a very unique personality that is all her own.  As many of you know, she will very kindly hand you the toy she is clinging to if you ask her nicely.  And after a few seconds she will flash her mischievous smile and snatch it right from your hands and run off laughing.

It has also been a fun game (especially for daddy) to sneak up behind her and tickle her – she will run away laughing (practically screaming)  and then come back a minute later for more.  Tonight, though, we experienced a first.  Tonight while I was editing the photos posted here, out of nowhere a little pair of hands was reaching through the back of my chair and tickling me! I reacted and played along and she became absolutely hysterical.  She was laughing so hard as she was tickling me that she had a hard time staying upright.

Now, back to the photos.  For those of you have been following the never ending onslaught of photo gallery updates (most of you reading this blog) you know that Reagan usually makes some very entertaining and unique expressions in her monthly portrait sessions.  This one was no different.  As we have done in the past, we invite you to post captions or quotations for some or each of the photos.  Please reference which photo you are providing a caption for and then your caption or captions.  The photos are not numbered on the gallery page, so to avoid ambiguity and confusion, reference the row and column of the photo.

Here are Branden’s:

  • Row 2, Col 2: “Major wedgie!”
  • Row 2, Col 3: “Now wait just a minute… I don’t think this flower is real.”
  • Row 4, Col 2: “You ate the last cookie?”

Snowpocalypse 2010: Round 2

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The snowfall from the previous weekend was far more than this area normally sees – exceeding the amount normally seen in an entire winter season.  As such, the roads were still in a horrible condition on Monday (Feb 8).  Branden got to stay home from work again.  Tuesday the roads were slightly better (unless you lived in a residential area, most of which hadn’t seen a single plow yet) and Branden had to go into work.

That afternoon the snow began to fall again, and the storm was forecast to dump 8-14 more inches of snow in our area, with more falling to the north.  This storm was accompanied with high winds – giving the locals a taste of what a minor blizzard is like (though it was the end of the world if you talked to them)(evidently 1/4 mile visibility is a whiteout).  We ended up with about 10 new inches of snow.  The new snow overwhelmed snow removal crews which were still trying to clean up from the last storm – which meant that Branden got to stay home from work on Wednesday and Thursday.  That gave us plenty of time to go out and play in the snow.  The pictures in this gallery were taken on Thursday.  It was sunny and the temperature was in the lower 30’s – so the snow began to melt and settle.  Reagan had lots of fun running around and carrying snowballs.

When all was said and done, the snow from these two systems combined with the heavy snowfall just before Christmas have made this the snowiest winter on record in the DC area – and it’s only mid February with more snow forecast to come.  We don’t mind – it’s like a little bit of home followed us out here.

Snowpocalypse 2010: Day 2

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Sunday morning (Feb 7) the sun came out.  The temperature was in the 20’s and the winds were calm.  When we ventured out this day we were greeted with a beautiful snow covered scene.  Our cars looked even more helpless in the daylight than they did the previous night.  We live on a main road and it had been plowed.  As the photos show, though, the driving surface was less than ideal.  Travel was not advised anywhere in the region, and most stores in the area were closed.  Even before the storm, grocers were out of all basic essentials – bread and milk included (of course we were all prepared well in advance).  We spent a few hours digging both cars out before the Superbowl, and prepared for the next round of snow that was to come in just a few days.

Snowpocalypse 2010: Day 1

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The snow started falling early Friday afternoon (Feb 5).  The conditions were predicted to be so bad that Branden and his coworkers were told to leave work early.  The snow started falling in earnest over night, and when we woke up Saturday morning we were greeted to a winter wonderland.  A foot and a half of snow was on the ground and it was supposed to continue well into the evening.  We ventured out that morning to play in the snow and determine how difficult it was going to be to dig the cars out.  The cars didn’t look too bad at that point – just the mound of snow left by the crew that plowed the parking lot.  Branden went out later in the evening, after the snow had stopped falling, to measure the snow fall and take a final look at our cars.  There was just shy of two feet of snow and the cars had all but disappeared into the environment.