My Toy Box and The First Snow of the Year

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Reagan has acquired a fair assortment of toys, stuffed animals, and other play things.  Instead of an actual toy box, we converted a small bookshelf into her toy storage with the aid of four fabric storage cubes.  In the morning she will typically pull one or two of them off the shelf.  Throughout the day, she will randomly run to and from her room pulling out more and more toys out to the living room.  Lately she has even been bringing out the storage cube itself.  On a whim the other night we set her in the cube.  She sat down and started sqirming and – long story short – it is now one of her favorite toys.

Yesterday we got our first snow of the year here in Northern Virginia.  Reagan was intently looking out the window (as was Jax) trying to figure out what was going on.  Things looked quite different from normal :)  We were able to get a few quick snaps before her short attention span took her on to other pressing matters such as the whereabouts of her stuffed duck and picking up every small dirt spec in the carpet…

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