Eleven Month Portraits.

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Eleven months?  One month shy of a full year?  Seriously?  It seems like she was just born.  How can that be almost a year ago already?  Walking, jabbering, two teeth (with two more close to popping out), eating solid food, crawling at warp speed, grabbing things with fine motor skill – lot’s of big girl stuff happening now.

Reagan is getting in to everything now.  She knows what she isn’t allowed to do, but that often does not stop her from doing it.  She is going to start thinking her name is “No.”

We are getting settled in at the new apartment.  We have far too much stuff and not enough room to put it.  Anyone interested in some Ertl tractors and farm toys?  Branden has WAY too many books.  Nearly half are going away.  Still not sure where the hedgehog is going to go.

I almost forgot – here is ANOTHER photo gallery!

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Gallery Link

During our initial transition to living here in Virginia, Boeing put us up in temp housing until we could find an apartment.  The temp housing was an extended housing-type hotel.  The hotel had a pool, and Reagan really seemed to enjoy it.  We had an inkling that she would because she always enjoyed bath time so much.   The pool was usually on the cold side, but Reagan adjusted quickly and was soon splashing, kicking, and giggling.  Her favorite thing to do was chase down (and then chew on) her floating hippopotamus as shown in the photo above.  Also, she was constantly trying to drink the pool water.  Evidently chlorine tastes good?  Reagan is odd, that we knew.  Anyhow, the gallery above contains a few of the pictures we took while playing in the pool.

We are now out of temp housing and into an apartment.  We are living without any furniture, cookware, or other necessary items for a few more days.  It is surprisingly hard to find things to make for dinner when you are without a microwave, pots (i.e. no stove use), and only a pizza pan (limited baking). We just got internet hooked up last night.  The movers are set to deliver our stuff on Thursday (today is Tuesday).  Things will transition to normal fairly soon.

We’ll post more soon.