Ten Month Portraits

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Reagan has now hit that 10 month mark.  She, along with us of course, is now a resident of Virginia. We made the flight from Des Moines to DC on Saturday, August 15.  She really seemed to enjoy the flight.  Her eyes were plastered to the window from takeoff until we reached cruising altitude.  We may have a little airplane nut on our hands :)

Reagan has adapted well to Virginia.  In true D.C.-area fashion, she never stops moving and is in a hurry whereever she goes.  She is crawling at warp speed and getting into everything.  Before long she will probably think her name is “NO.”  She has been terrorizing Jax (the cat), chasing him all over the place.  He has been a very good sport and not attacked back.

Reagan is also starting to take those tentative first steps.  She can get about three or four in before she topples over.  Her favorite thing to do now at bed time is stand up in her temporary crip (a pack-n-play) and walk across it from side to side.  She has had plenty of tumbles and there will probably be plenty more.

We have now found a place to live, but do not move in until the end of the week.  The temporary housing is a small hotel room and we are looking forward to having more room and the rest of our stuff.  We’ll post more updates after we have gotten settled.

I’m Crawling!!

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Well, that transition sure happened fast. Reagan had just started to drag herself with her arms about a week ago but had no interest in tucking her legs under (i.e. she would prop only her front end up but drag her back end). A few days ago she started tucking her legs under her but would not move them – she was in the proper crawling position but just drag her legs. Tonight we finally saw her move her legs while moving, albeit not really coordinated. She can also now get back in a sitting position from the crawl position. This made bed-time interesting tonight because she kept sitting herself up while we were trying to get her to go to sleep.

We have now been living with Elise’s parents (Mike and Beth) for over a week. Reagan has really been enjoying spending evenings outdoors. She loves to check out all of the plants, critters, and horses.

We will be moving before you know it. We’ll post more details as they become available. Right now we still don’t know a whole lot.