Reagan’s Baptism

Reagan was baptized today at Ankeny First United Methodist Church.  She was a very good girl and did not cry or scream at all through the entire service.

After church Elise and I hosted a luncheon with close family in the clubhouse at Wessex.  This is the first time that the entire Aswegan family and the Rademacher/Hayford families have intermingled since our wedding over four years ago.  We thank everyone for coming and sharing Reagan’s special day.

Later that evening Reagan and Elise were playing on the bed.  Reagan also practiced sitting up and got sidetracked staring at her feet.   Just as we were ready to head out to the living room Jax hopped on the bed and Reagan latched on to his tail.  Oddly enough, he didn’t seem to notice.  I’m sure that will change as Reagan gets bigger.

As always, I have a photo gallery containing the ‘keepers’ linked below:

Gallery Link

Too Cute

Last Thursday it was nearly 70 degrees outside so we decided to go for a walk.  It was the first time that Reagan has been outside and either wasn’t buried under blakets in her car seat or looking like a marshmallow in a snowsuit.  She really seemed to like looking around and taking everything in.  Later that night she was very tired – overtired, actually – and would not let herself fall asleep.  I got her to take her pacifier (which we hadn’t used in quite a while) and she konked right out.

Reagan is starting to get really good at grabbing things.  If we hold a toy in front of her she will grab it. (Of course, then it goes right into her mouth…)  She is also starting to grab onto hood strings, noses, and chins so it is only a matter of time before she is pulling hair.  Also, she seemed to notice her foot for the first time and grabbed on to that the other day.

She also is smiling more and more, and even gives a ‘happy squeak’ that you might be able to call a laugh.  However, the smile becomes very elusive when the camera is pulled out.  In the photo gallery linked below, there are photos from our walk, of her all sacked out, and a few smiles and cute faces.

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