Gallery Updates

There are three new galleries.  The first is a collection from our attempt at Reagan’s formal two-month portrait.  The second is a collection of pictures from the notorious “Poop Face” photo shoot (see the earlier post “Let’s Play a Game!”).  The final new gallery is a collection of pictures from Reagan’s first Christmas.  This gallery contains a mix of photos taken Christmas Eve at Elise’s parents, Christmas morning at our place, and celebrating Christmas with the Aswegans later that afternoon.

Gallery Link

Gallery Link

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The Results Are In….

It is time to reveal the answer to the Poop Face quiz.  Before I do that, I want to say how surprised I am at the amount of responses we received.  When I first had the idea, I was thinking that we would be lucky to get three or four responses.  That is why I emailed a bunch of you and requested your votes.  At the time of this writing we have 13 – yes thirteen!! – responses posted and six more guesses sent via email or instant messenger.

Well, now it is time to discuss the results.  You were given four pictures and were told that Reagan was doing her business in one of them and asked to guess which it was.  As mentioned all four pictures were taken within a half hour time span.  It was not mentioned which order they were taken in, and in fact they are not displayed in order.  Each picture shows a very different and distinctive face with an equally different and distinctive emotion:

-In the first one she looks quite angry!  Maybe those poops were being difficult or she was not a fan of doing her business on her belly?  Or perhaps she knew that filling her shorts means she gets her diaper changed, something she usually does not enjoy…

-In the second picture she looks surprised.  As one of you noted, like she was thinking “Did I do that?”  Some times they just sneak up you and jump out!

-In the third picture she looks rather happy and proud of herself.  She almost seems to be taunting the one (Daddy) taking the picture and saying “Ha Ha, now you have to change me AGAIN!!!”

-And finally, the last picture shows intense concentration and perhaps a bit of discomfort.  To me it almost looks like she has just sneezed and is realizing there is a camera on her.

By an overwhelming margin the votes were for picture number four.  In fact, every vote but one was for that picture.  Almost all of you who voted know me pretty well and I am surprised no one expected me to be pulling one over on you.  Not one of you figured that this may just be a trick question – that perhaps all of them were taken while pooing!  In fact, I have seen each and every one of those faces on her at least once while filling her shorts.  But alas, in THIS case only in picture number four is she pooing.  As it turns out it was mid-squirt!  We were having a lovely photo session on the couch when all of the sudden all of her movement halted, that look came over her face, there was a grunt, a squirt, and then things were back to normal.

In case you were wondering, pictures two and three were just normal cute faces she made during the photo session and picture one is actually a yawn – there is no anger there at all.

It appears that there is no clear-cut winner.  All (but one) of you got it right – experienced parents and newlyweds, bachelors, and bachelorettes alike.  As a prize, you can have the pride of knowing that you were able to pick out the face a baby was making while creating something special.  Treat yourselves to some Snickers bars, peanut M&M’s, Milk Duds, or Tootsie Rolls.  (If you want to be more accurate, melt a  chocolate chip or two and mix with mustard)

So that’s it.  Thanks for playing.  This has been pretty fun for us.  We are open to suggestions for future games – just email either of us with your idea.  Keep checking back for more picture updates and other commentary.

Regards, Branden

P.S. Thanks mom for sharing with everyone that my poo face was similar to my daughter’s.

Let’s Play a Game!!!

Ok, here’s the game.  Below are four pictures of Reagan all taken within one half hour time span.  During one of them she is pooping, and showing off her classic “Poop Face.”  You guys get to guess which one.  You get one guess.  The pictures are numbered one through four.  Once you have made your decision, click the title of this post (The words “Let’s Play a Game!!!” above) and leave your answer as a comment to the post.  The comment box will be at the bottom of the page.  In your comment list 1.) who you are, 2.) the number of the picture you think Reagan is filling her shorts in, and 3.) why you think it is that one.

We want to give enough of you time to have a chance to vote, so we will reveal the answer in about one week.  We have not yet decided on a prize for the winner(s).  I mean, what do you give someone who can accurately diagnose a baby’s poop face?  A Hershey bar?  Jello Pudding?  Brownie batter?  Maybe we could let you come over and change one of her masterpieces.  No?  It was worth a shot.  We’ll think of something.

Ok, here are the pictures:









Early Pictures

I went through pictures from the first few days and decided we needed a few more up from when we were in the hospital – especially those where Reagan is only a few hours old.  The gallery contains: 1) The three pictures of Reagan in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) when she was only a few hours old, 2) a few pictures of Elise from before the delivery (still in labor), 3) a few pictures from the first time Reagan left the NICU and ventured to Elise’s hospital room, and finally 4) a couple more pictures from the second day in the hospital.  The link is below.

Gallery Link

Let’s change it up!

So things are looking kind of different, huh?  Well, the Contents page was starting to get pretty cluttered so it was time to start actually using the blog format.  This will help organize things in many ways.  First, all posts are automatically dated and can be assigned to different categories.  That way, a year from now when you want to read the really funny story about how Reagan pooped so much it came out the front of her diaper, you can narrow your search by going into the “Funny Stuff” category.  Ok, so right now there is not a Funny Stuff category, but there may well be one in the near future.

The original pages are not gone.  You can find them by clicking on “Contents” near the top of your web browser window, or in the right hand column under the heading “Blogroll.”

The photo gallery for the main part of the website ( has been updated to include all of the galleries of Reagan that have been posted on this page.  This gallery update was part of a larger reorganization of the photo gallery.  Over Christmas break more photos will be added (not all of Reagan, mind you).

Updating the main gallery to include links and thumbnails of the individual photo galleries takes time and is more difficult than simply creating and uploading the gallery itself.  We know that you all love to see new pictures of Reagan as soon as they are available, so as new galleries come online we will post links here on this blog.  That means that this site is the one to come to for the most up to date links to available galleries.  One more time, check here first for the newest galleries of Reagan!!  Did that sink in?  I hope so.

For your convenience, here are the original links and descriptions to all of the previous photo galleries of Reagan:

December 15, 2008Here is a collection of pictures taken over the last week and a half.  Can you believe that she is almost 2 months old already?  Some of the first few pictures are a bit blurry, which is a shame because she was being so cute!  She needs to be cute when the lighting is better…

December 5, 2008: Here are a few pictures of Reagan before and after a bath. She is pretty cute when she sacks out, her arms are typically spread-eagle.

November 28, 2008: Thanksgiving! We finally decided we needed to try and get some formal portraits, so here are the results from the first attempt. After those are a bunch of random shots from Reagan’s first Thanksgiving. At the very end are a few shots of Reagan being cute and happy in her crib the next morning. Oh yeah, the link to the pictures is here.

November 24, 2008: Sometimes when Reagan is especially fussy she will only fall asleep sitting up. A few pictures are located here. At the end are some shots of Jax being cute.

November 24, 2008: Here are a few pictures of Reagan “helping” out with laundry and a visit from our friend Carissa.

November 21, 2008: Grandpa Gary visited us way back on the 10th and the pictures are finally posted here.

November 9, 2008: Some of our “Northern” friends and family have complained that they cannot find the pictures. When the line says pictures are “here” you should click on the word “here.” Seriously. All of the Iowan friends and family figured that much out on their own.

November 9, 2008: Pictures with mom and dad and Great Grandma Sheryl and Great Grandpa Ralph are here.

November 8, 2008: A nice “quiet” evening at home. Pictures are here.

November 2, 2008: More pics of Reagan at home and with visitors here.

October 24, 2008: Pics of Reagan’s second day home here.

October 23, 2008: Pics of Reagan’s first day home here.

October 20, 2008: Quick Update: more pictures here.